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Shoes Caprice Maya 9-22307-26-019 BLUE COMB

Price: €71
  • Rating: (2)
  • Code:
    9-22307-26-019 BLUE COMB-1
  • Weight:
    0.000 Kgs
  • Color blue
  • Cushioned insole and anatomical foot
  • Current height 35 mm.
  • Made in Germany
  • Front part: genuine leather
  • Inner part: genuine leather
  • Sole: rubber
Shoe Size: Size chart
High heels:

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  • Memotion

    These shoes will provide your feet with perfect comfort through soft memory foam. The Memotion function allows adaptation of the shoe to the shape of the foot. After wearing, it returns to its original shape. Your foot is located in a cushion that continuously surrounds and absorbs vibrations even during dynamic walking.

  •  Ventilation

    Stop moisture inside shoes. Like a second skin, they take care of your foot. Thanks to the exceptional ventilation, the foot stays dry.

  •  Durable upper

    The upper part of the shoes is made of beautiful genuine leather. Exclusive materials meet classic elegance, the focus is on quality leather that is used in all premium shoes.

  • Durable insole

    Thanks to the use of a durable insole made of synthetic leather, the inside of the snow boots is incredibly comfortable for your feet.

  •  Practical elastic part

    Thanks to the practical elastic, the shoes hug your foot and do not strain your skin and foot in any way.

  •  Antishock heel

    Bet on an anti-shock heel that robs the vibrations that are given when walking!

by Ивалина, 21 Jan 2023

Точно от това имах нужда. Меки са, удобни и пасват на проблемния ми крак.

by Петя, 21 Jan 2023

Определено много удобна обувка.